The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck

Coming in 2017!

Cooperative Adventures

Combine the Hero Realms Campaign Deck with your Hero Realms base game for cooperative adventures with your friends! Complete adventures to earn experience points that you can spend between sessions to gain skills, equipment, or other awesome new cards for your character’s starting deck!

When Will I Get My Copy

If you backed the Campaign Deck in the Kickstarter, we estimate that the Campaign Deck and Boss Decks will ship out in Fall of 2017. If you did not back the Kickstarter at the Adventurer Tier Level (which included the Campaign Deck and the Boss Decks), don’t worry, it will become available in local stores near you and also on the White Wizard Games store too.

Three Cooperative Missions

The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck will contain three unique missions. Each mission is intended to be an independent play session. Each session is designed to take about an hour, but if your group likes to discuss strategy at length between each play, your games could take longer.

Missions 1 & 2 Complete

Development of Missions 1 & 2 is finished, and we are in the process doing the testing and balancing of the epic final battle! And yes, it is super fun!

More Cards Are Being Added

Originally the Campaign Starter Deck was slotted to be 55 cards. As we were developing and testing the campaign, we’d run into scenarios where we could make this thing or that so much cooler if we added a few more cards.

Decisions Must Be Made

Players will often have to make decisions in the campaign. Each choice has its own benefits and costs!

Giving Our Players the Best Possible Game


Each time we had to weigh the additional time and cost of adding more cards we hadn’t budgeted for against making the campaign play a little better. Keep in mind, the cost of additional cards isn’t just printing and shipping costs. It is design, development, art and graphic design costs as well. Giving our players the best possible game has always been incredibly important to us, so every single time this dilemma came up, we opted to add more cards.


While normal Minions go in front of a single player, fighting only them, Elite Minions go next to the Master card (aka the boss), and will attack each player on their turn.


When a Hazard card is revealed, it goes in front of a player, affecting them until the hazard is cleared.

How Many More Cards?


So, how many more cards? Well, remember how the Campaign Starter Deck was going to be 55 cards in the Kickstarter campaign? It is now 144 cards! That’s right, we almost tripled the size of this product! At White Wizard Games, we strive to bring you incredibly fun games, with high replay value, delivered quickly. We can’t wait to get The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck and our new Boss Decks into your hands to play!

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