The Hero Realms Dungeons Kickstarter is coming in 2022! The Dungeons set includes an all-new 80-card market deck, new Character Packs, a beautiful new game board, and an all-new 12-encounter dungeon campaign for 1-5 players!

Just like Star Realms, Colony Wars or Frontiers, you can play this market deck on its own or you can combine it with the original market deck so you’ll have tons of play options. We wanted to show you some spoilers of these awesome new cards! You can sign up for updates and more spoilers here!


Pester is a wild resource card. It’s going to give you two gold when you play it and has some really nice features. It allows for three combat which is a pretty decent hit for a one-cost card and importantly, it’s got the ability to be sacrificed to make your opponent discard a card. You can use this early to build up your economy, then once your deck is humming along and you don’t need the gold anymore, you can scrap this to cause your opponent to discard cards!

Ratling Welcome is a versatile and powerful card. With the new straight-to-deck mechanic, you either get a quick gold boost or a quick combat boost as needed.

Light the Way is a fantastic Imperial card which encourages you to grow your army. Three combat and three health for three gold is solid, especially once you get to the mid-game. The fact that it grows in power when you increase your number of champions makes this a game changer in the late game.

Dragged Below is a heavy hitting Action card.Nine combat for only five gold is great in an aggressive strategy, but especially so since this card uses the set’s big new mechanic: straight to deck. This way you get to start the bashing sooner and it’s a quicker answer to a problem champion. Nice theming too: the card gets “dragged below” your deck.

Treasure Hunt is a flexible card with the potential to be quite powerful. In a Wild-heavy deck, getting three gold and five combat is well worth the investment of four gold. In other circumstances, a one time blast of six gold from a single card can be a massive game-changing moment in the early to mid game.

Hunt for Jewels is an amazing card for any deck.Combat, Gold, and card draw. What’s not to like? Getting the combat and gold in Fire Gem form also gives you the flexibility to keep them or sacrifice them depending on what’s better for your deck at that point in the game.

Last Embrace is a nine combat card that goes well with any strategy. WIth that much combat and a potent sacrifice ability, this card is a late-game powerhouse. The ally ability is a nice potential bonus, but you’re selecting this card for the combat.

Six combat for five gold is a somewhat modest amount, but sometimes you need combat badly enough it will be worth acquiring anyways. Add in the fact that this always draws you a card, it’s quite good. But if you or your opponent has lots of Wild cards, you really need to take this card. Six combat and drawing multiple cards is amazing for a five-cost card.

The Silencer with direct stun is pretty great in a game where half of the cards in the market deck are champions. Getting it in a reusable form like a champion is even better. And what a cool name for an assassin!