Hello Everyone,

There will be a breaking release with updates to the Hero Realms Digital Game this week, on the morning of Thursday, January 27. The most notable updates are balance changes to the characters. This means that your characters will be reset and you will need to select your upgrades again.

Watch the replay of this week’s Wizard Weekly livestream to hear Rob talk in detail about the new balance changes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xaf8iN80JE4 starting at 10:52 in the video.

Detailed release notes are below and you can also chat about this in the WWG Discord Server https://discord.com/invite/rWJRrCt

  • Max number of heroes for online games set to 10
  • Various user interface and sound enhancements 
  • The discard counter now properly displays thief’s abilities on the challenge screen
  • Cursor now focused on opponent name and pressing enter button to send a challenge
  • Double XP banner added to online lobby to promote more real time gameplay on the weekends When using some effects that includes choices, for example, Track, you can switch between resolving your choices and viewing the battleboard  
  • Card animations when acquiring cards can be toggled on or off in game settings tab
  • Additional sounds added across the app
  • Phoenix Helm now works if one of the stunned heroes was stolen by Masterful Heist
  • You can now target a non-guard when the only guard has been expended
  • The level 5 and 7 treasure selection options will always include the same choices for all players (previously these were randomly selected out of a larger group of treasures for levels 5 and 7).