Hero Realms Journeys Kickstarter

The age of heroes has arrived… on Kickstarter! It features tons of all-new content for your favorite deckbuilding adventure card game, for both co-op and PVP game styles. Hero Realms Journeys will take you on dangerous Quests, give you the chance to collect powerful Relics, bring you and your party to The Lost Village, supply you with new champions and actions, and more…

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All-new card types, plus
new champions and actions!

Recruit courageous champions. Complete perilous quests. Discover ancient relics.

Hero Realms: Journeys is a set of four expansion packs featuring all new champions and actions and introducing the Quest card type. When you complete a Quest you’ll earn a Relic, which is a powerful new item. Relics can also be used to expand your Market deck.

Each Hero Realms: Journeys pack includes 12 cards which can be added to the base Hero Realms Game.

You can also play with them as part of The Ruin of Thandar Campaign, or the upcoming The Lost Village campaign.

A New Co-Op Adventure!

Gather your friends. Choose your characters. Fight together against deadly foes. You’ve stopped the evil Ruinos Sect from unleashing a monstrous Demon on Thandar. Now investigate the Village of Heart’s End and discover what has befallen its people.

The Lost Village continues the story that began with The Ruin of Thandar. Fight your way through three new Encounters. You’ll earn more Character Points to upgrade your Skills and Abilities, and you’ll find new treasures including a new card type: Magic Armor.

This Hero Realms expansion provides three unique encounters for 1-5 players, and contains 12 oversized master villain cards, a Rulebook and an Adventure Book.

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