Hero Realms Multiplayer Rules

Be sure to read the Base Game Rules first.

Hero Realms is designed to support a wide variety of ways to play. Unless otherwise specified, the standard rules apply to the following game formats. To find other formats, or to share format suggestions, please visit herorealms.com/multiplayer.

Free-For-All (2+ players)

This is the default way to play. Randomly determine someone to go first, then play proceeds clockwise. Anyone can attack anyone else. The last player standing, wins! If there are three or more players, the first player starts with 3 cards in their opening hand, the second player starts with 4 cards, and each other player starts with 5 cards.

Hunter — First Blood (3+ players)

Same as Free-for-All, except that each player may only attack or target the player to their left, and may only attack or target the champions belonging to the players on their left and right. The first player starts with 3 cards in their opening hand, the second player starts with 4 cards, and each other player starts with 5 cards. The game ends when a player is eliminated; the player to their right wins! (Even if someone else did the eliminating –
play carefully!)

Hunter — Last One Standing (3+ players)

Same as Hunter — First Blood, except when a player is eliminated the game continues. The person to the eliminated player’s right gains 10 health and draws a card. Last player standing, wins!

Hydra (4 players, 2 players per team)

Each two-player team begins the game with 75 health. All players on a team share a health score. Each individual player has their own personal deck, hand, discard pile and in-play zone. (Your teammate’s cards will not trigger your Ally Abilities.)

Randomly determine which team will go first. Players on that team get three-card starting hands, other players get five-card starting hands. Each team takes a shared turn, both playing their hands at the same time, with teammates going through their Main, Discard and Draw Phases together.

Each player has their own Gold and Combat Pools, and still makes their own decisions regarding playing and acquiring cards, ability activations, and attacking. Teammates may work together to stun Champions, using a combination of Combat from their respective Combat Pools. Teammates may also pool their Gold to acquire cards from the Marketplace. As long as any player on a team has a Guard in play, the team may not be attacked and non-Guard Champions belonging to anyone on that team may not be attacked or targeted by opponents.

When a team’s health is reduced to zero, all players on that team are defeated.

With an additional purchase of Hero Realms, or by adding Hero Realms Character Packs, you can play with teams of three. Those teams begin with 100 health each. (Learn more about Character Packs at herorealms.com.)

Emperor (6 players; requires Character Packs or a second copy of Hero Realms.)

Players split into two teams of three, with each team choosing one player to be their Emperor. (If using two Character Packs, make those players the Emperors.) The Emperors sit facing each other, flanked by their teammates (Commanders) on either side.

Commanders start the game with 50 health or whatever number is on their character card (from the Character Packs). Emperors start with 60 health, or 10 more than the number on their character card.

The team going first (Team A) gets a three-card starting hand. The other team (Team B) gets a five-card starting hand. Play begins with Player 1 and proceeds clockwise.

Commanders may only attack or target the enemy Commander across from them and/or the champions controlled by that Commander. If that Commander is defeated, they may then begin to attack and target the enemy Emperor and their champions.

Emperors may attack or target any player or champion.

During their Main Phase, a player may pay one Gold to move a card from their discard pile to the discard pile of a neighboring teammate.

When a Commander is defeated, they may put any one card (from their hand, deck, or discard pile) into the Emperor’s discard pile. When an Emperor is defeated, their team loses the game!

Other Ways to Play

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