The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck

Cooperative Adventures

Combine this Hero Realms Campaign Deck with your Hero Realms Base Game and Character Packs for cooperative adventures with your friends! Complete adventures to earn experience points that you can spend between sessions to gain skills, equipment, or other awesome new cards for your character’s starting deck!

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Character Packs

Each player needs one Character Pack to use in the Ruin of Thandar Campaign. Character Packs add new abilities and personal decks to the Hero Realms base game!

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The Hydra

The Hydra is a print-and-play co-op challenge!


Hydra Head Tokens

The Adventure Continues…

The Lost Village is part two of the The Ruin of Thandar campaign.

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Character Sheet

You may use this form-fillable, card-sized character sheet to track your health, skills, abilities, treasure, and relics as you progress throughout the campaign. We recommend that you save this PDF to your device, rather than filling it in-browser. That way you can save your entries for future use!

General Hints

Work Together

Try to avoid acquiring cards that would fit better in a teammate’s deck. Make sure to stun nearby minions to get them off your teammates’ backs. Pay attention to your teammate’s [health symbol] and make sure to spread the healing around.

Slow the Master Down

Try to keep the Master from leveling up by using discard effects to get rid of Mastery cards.

Watch out for Elite Minions

Since an Elite Minion gets to act on every player’s turn, it’s critical to stun them as fast as possible. Save your Headshots, Fireballs, etc for these guys.

Use the Necros to Banish Imps

This Adventure has lots of Imps, and since the Necros have lots of experience with the little demons, whenever you play a Necros card you get to “banish” every imp in your area. So all other things being equal, it’s good to acquire Necros cards.

Balance Board Control vs Going for the Kill

In the early and mid-game it’s usually a good idea to play for board control. That is, try to stun minions in every area rather than focusing your damage on the Master. However, if you get the Master low enough there will come a time when you should go for the kill… even if this means leaving one or more players facing lethal minions. Remember: It doesn’t matter if some players get stunned as long the master is defeated. Everyone still wins.

Encounter 1

Play it Straight

The Enthralled Regulars are as straightforward a Master as they come. Just focus on the General Tips and what’s below.

Find Someone to Help With the Heavy Lifting

Broken Tables and Chairs can be really annoying. So if your class’s personal deck doesn’t come with any champions (I’m looking at you, Ranger and Thief) make sure to pick up some early.

Catch them Unawares

Whenever possible take out a nearby Unaware minion. It’s much more efficient than a player needing to fight one in their own area.

Encounter 2

Be Aggressive

This Encounter doesn’t put as much damage pressure on you as Encounter 1. These Masters don’t need to kill you to win; they just need to buy time until they can escape.

That’s why there are many enemy effects focused on delaying tactics such as discard, reducing your [gold symbol] output, or making it harder to stun their minions. So don’t worry too much about your [health] and instead focus on damaging the Master.

Vampires Suck

Ruinos Vampires might not hit that hard, but the healing they provide the Master can make it impossible to win before the Master escapes. Take them out fast!

Don’t Get Ambushed

If you can stun a Ruinos Ambusher *before* you play a champion, your champion will get to enter play prepared.

Better Red Than Dead

Encounter 2 has more Imps than Encounter 1 so it’s all the more important to acquire Necros cards to banish them. (This is especially important when the Master is the Vexing Imp since it brings stunned Imps back into play.)

Be Careful Making the Master Discard

While it’s usually great to get rid of an early Mastery or Elite minion from the top of the Master’s deck, keep in mind this whole encounter is on a timer — every card you discard brings the Master closer to escaping.

That said, once the Master has reshuffled and the Escape card is now “active”, getting rid of it with a discard effect can be game breaking!

And if you’re fighting the Ruinos Zealot it’s always a good idea to discard his green cards because they move him closer to escape anyway.

The Vexing Imp Hates Champions

This Master has tons of frustrating ways to make you discard cards, but it’s not very good at stunning your champions. If you can stick a few solid champs in your area you should get more value out of them than against other Masters.

Encounter 3

Kill It Fast

Since the minion version of the Ruinos Zealot or Vexing Imp starts in play, it’s important to focus on stunning whichever one you’re facing as soon as possible, even if it means using a Headshot or Fireball.

Stop the Ritual… or Don’t.

This encounter can play out in many ways, depending on which Major Demon gets summoned. But one of your first big decisions will be whether you think you can defeat the Ruinos Archpriestess before she completes the Ritual. If not, then focus on clearing minions and strengthening your deck for Part 2.

Free the Captive

The Captive is a highly efficient way to clear a Demon Master’s special cards (like Flesh Armor or Spikes) so pick up some healing and acquire him.

No Laughing Matter

The Laughing Shadow wants to cover the Market in Shadows and then reveal them to do massive amounts of damage. But if you can keep acquiring cards you can keep the Shadows at bay. So favor [gold] generating cards which keep your purchasing power high.

Go Fast or Go Home

When fighting Ingarash the Insatiable don’t rely on your deck getting better over time to eventually beat him. Not only will he gobble up your good cards, he actually grows in power each time he chows down. Instead focus on hitting him as hard and fast as you can, favoring combat-generating cards over long game cards.

Lambs to the Slaughter

Slaughterclaw is the most violent Master, forcing you to take Spike damage just by attacking him. Healing is almost a requirement against him. (Try to use discard effects to get rid of his green cards while you have a lot of healing in hand.) And don’t be afraid to have low health players skip attacking him for a turn so a healthier player can suffer the Spike damage.

Armor Up

Karakan is the most defensive Master, with his Flesh Armor drawing out the game. So focus on staying alive and improving your deck until you can turn the corner and take him down. That said, it’s critical to keep blasting through his Flesh Armor since he has several effects that grow stronger the more Armor he has.

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