Ways to Play Hero Realms

The Base Game

Hero Realms is a fantasy-themed expandable deckbuilding game. The base game contains 144 beautifully illustrated cards including starting decks and scorecards for 2-4 players. Multiplayer formats include Free-For-All, Hunter, & Hydra.

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Character Packs

Character Packs grant new abilities to players in the Hero Realms Deckbuilding Game! Each pack includes 15 cards: A character card, two ability cards, a new ten-card personal deck, and two score cards.

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The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck

Play cooperative adventures with your friends! Complete adventures to earn experience points that you can spend between sessions to gain skills, equipment, or other awesome new cards for your character’s starting deck!

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Boss Decks

Play as a ferocious Dragon or an undead Lich! One player uses a boss deck while 1-5 other players use Character Packs to try and defeat the boss! Or play Boss vs Boss! Each boss deck contains 30 cards.

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Tibus is a Kickstarter exclusive solo/co-op challenge. Tibus is a tough fight, and it’s likely that you (or your team) won’t win immediately. It takes a good amount of skill and a little luck to beat.

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