We’re super excited to announce that we will be running a weekly Hero Realms Arena which is included in the next update!

Release notes for the update



-Hero respec added for VS AI heroes
-Basic Arena support added
(Please note that we may make changes to the Arena, as we continue through our testing process.)

Bug fixes:

-Turn tracker doesn’t work in Pass & Play

The first Arena scenario will be “High-speed Chase”: At the start of each player’s turn, that player draws a card.


Arena details


  • Arenas will change weekly, and will have a different scenario that changes some part of the game.
  • For each run, you will play until you get 6 wins or 2 losses, whichever comes first.
  • For now, there are no prizes, so there is unlimited free play of Arena..
  • When prizes are added, we will give each player a number of free runs each week.  After you’ve used your free runs, it will cost 20 Gems to start each additional run.
  • Each week the required hero level may change.

Sample screenshots