Fantasy-Themed Digital Game on iOS, Android and Steam From the Creators of Star Realms

July 20, 2021 – Framingham, MA – Wise Wizard Games LLC, the makers of the wildly popular Star Realms Digital deckbuilding game, announced that they have launched Hero Realms Digital, a new digital deckbuilding game, on Kickstarter today. Wise Wizard Games has raised over $5M on Kickstarter to date, and the Star Realms Digital Deckbuilding Game has been downloaded over 1M times. Now gamers can choose their class, battle, gain experience, and level up fantasy-themed characters in Hero Realms Digital on iOS, Android, and Steam. Gamers can also adventure through story-driven campaigns and play Pit Fight mode against the AI.

Hero Realms has raised over $1M on Kickstarter and players have been highly anticipating the release of the Hero Realms Digital Game. Like the hugely popular Star Realms app, the Hero Realms Digital game will provide cross-platform play with full gameplay. Backers will get beta access within weeks of the campaign ending.

The Hero Realms Digital on Kickstarter pledge tiers include:

  • The Hero Tier: For $25, backers will get beta access to Hero Realms digital within weeks of the campaign ending. This will include the base set with online play and digital Character Packs for the Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Thief, and Wizard. When the full version is released, Hero Tier backers will also get $30 in Gems that they can use to buy cosmetics and to play in tournaments and other events.
  • The Legend Account Tier: For $99, backers will get everything in the Basic Tier plus: unlimited gems, every expansion for free for the life of the game, alternative art avatars, and alternative art “Gold” cards that are exclusive to Legend Account backers.

Rob Dougherty, CEO of WWG, said “The feedback from our alpha testers has been overwhelmingly positive. We are thrilled to realize the full vision of Hero Realms where characters find treasure, gain experience, level up, and improve their skills and abilities over time in this new digital game!”

About Wise Wizard Games

Wise Wizard Games LLC was founded in 2013 by two Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famers that wanted to make awesome strategy games that were affordable for everyone. Their first game, Star Realms, a space combat deckbuilding game, exploded in popularity and won 7 Game of the Year awards. For more information, visit Hero Realms Digital on Kickstarter and

Wise Wizard Games Press Contact: | Debbie Moynihan | [email protected]

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